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Quality Cat Scratchers Are Better Than Cheaper Imports for These 4 Reasons

  • 4 min read

Cats love to scratch –  it’s an instinctual behavior that helps them to stretch, exercise, mark their territory, rejuvenate their claws, and play. Because cats can’t help scratching, it’s important to provide them with a more attractive option for scratching than your sofa or carpet.

However, not all cat scratchers are created equal.

Cats don’t like cheap scratching posts that are wobbly, short, soft, or fluffy. Instead, they prefer heavy-duty cat scratching posts that are sturdy, tall, strong, durable, and shreddable.

Sure, high-quality cat scratchers are a bit more expensive, but consider the alternative of needing to replace a sofa or carpet when your cat snubs the cheaper, less desirable import. Today’s top veterinarians discourage declawing cats, citing that a cat’s claws are much like our own fingers, which is why you need a high-quality cat scratcher to satisfy your furry friend’s scratching needs.

Keep reading to learn more about the benefits of cat scratchers:

1.   No Wobbling

It goes without saying that heavy-duty cat scratching posts are in it for the long haul––they’re durable, strong, and made to last. Because cats put a lot of energy into scratching, it’s important to give them highly stable scratching posts––and that starts with having a sturdy, heavy base that won’t wobble even under the most aggressive scratching..

Good cat scratching posts are designed for a lot of tough love from your cat—even from aggressive scratchers like Bengals or Ragdolls. Even after a heavy cat assault, you’ll want to make sure your post or scratching tree continues to stand tall when the dust settles. Oftentimes, cheaper imports tip over and fall apart, so don’t settle for anything less than what your cat deserves!

Instead, look for scratching furniture that is made of wood, such as 100% NZ pine. Stay away from cardboard materials, because they are flimsy at best and won’t last long. Plastics are also not necessary as part of a scratcher’s structure, and there are also other options available on the market that are 100% recyclable. Sustainable cat scratching posts? Count us in!

It’s also a good idea to look for scratching furniture that can be shipped to you already fully assembled. This way, you can rest assured that your cat’s perch won’t wobble.

2. Made with Materials Cats (and Humans) Most Prefer

Forget soft and fluffy cheapies. Opt for the best materialsthat your cat can sink its claws into without getting caught up in a snag. Cats love to scratch sisal and carpet materials, so you can bet these materials will delight your cat’s senses.

Heavy-duty sisal cat scratching posts are a cat’s dream come true. A maritime-grade sisal is a durable option, especially when it is hand-wound onto sturdy wood uprights and attached with industrial staples.

Some cats prefer heavy-duty carpet cat scratching posts. Be sure to choose a scratcher made with a cut pile––never a loop pile––so they can avoid getting their little claws caught in the carpet. Plus, cat owners can even choose a color of carpet that best suits their interior décor!

Not sure whether your cat would prefer sisal or carpet? Simply watch over them during playtime in order to see what type of texture they prefer to scratch. If your cat would love to scratch your sofa (wouldn’t they all), then you might want to opt for a dense sisal material for the scratching post.

On the other hand, if you catch your kitty kneading at your floor carpeting, go for a carpet-covered scratching post. If your critter prefers scratching your wood furniture or door, consider a scratching post made of wood.

3.   Provide Strength and Durability While Scratching

This one’s simple––look for products that are tested for strength and durability, so they can withstand assaults from big cats with attitudes. A good quality product will be able to support even the most boisterous of cats, so you won’t need to worry about your cat getting injured after some aggressive morning scratch sessions.

4.   Offer Intriguing Design

Quality cat scratchers come in a variety of shapes and sizes, from simple cat scratching poles to multi-level cat scratching towers with hideout nooks. Some are even designed with toys for your kitty to bat for entertainment––but whichever design you think your cat would prefer, make sure it’s size appropriate. After all, your cat loves to stretch, so make sure you choose a scratching post that’s tall enough for it to fully stretch its whole body.

Not sure which scratcher your cat would like the most? Just watch your cat’s posture when it stretches. If your cat stands on its hind leg to scratch, opt for a tall stand-up post that allows for that posture. If your cat prefers to scratch your carpet, try a scratching pad that lays flat on the floor.

Got a climber? Try a scratch tree with different levels to intrigue your cat.

Save Your Sofa and Buy the Cat Scratcher Your Cat Prefers

It's clear that the benefits of scratching posts for your fluffy friend are plentiful. No matter which cat scratching post you opt for, we have no doubt that your cat (and your couch) will be sure to thank you later!

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