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Cats love to scratch –  it’s an instinctual behavior that helps them to stretch, exercise, mark their territory, rejuvenate their claws, and play. Because cats can’t help scratching, it’s important to provide them with a more attractive option for scratching than your sofa or carpet.

However, not all cat scratchers are created equal.

Cats don’t like cheap scratching posts that are wobbly, short, soft, or fluffy. Instead, they prefer heavy-duty cat scratching posts that are sturdy, tall, strong, durable, and shreddable.

Sure, high-quality cat scratchers are a bit more expensive, but consider the alternative of needing to replace a sofa or carpet when your cat snubs the cheaper, less desirable import. Today’s top veterinarians discourage declawing cats, citing that a cat’s claws are much like our own fingers, which is why you need a high-quality cat scratcher to satisfy your furry friend’s scratching needs.

Keep reading to learn more about the benefits of cat scratchers:

  • 4 min read
It has long been assumed that when cats scratch objects with their front paws they are sharpening their claws. It turns out that this is only a secondary reason. Research on cat behavior suggests that the major reason for this behavior is communication. By roughing up the bark of a tree (or the leg of your favorite chair) the cat is letting other cats or people know where she is and what she is up to.
  • 2 min read