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Scruffs ArmourDillo Robust Dog Bed


Size: 116 x 75 x 15cm

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The Scruffs® ArmourDillo bed is part of our memory series of orthopedic pet beds. These chew-resistant dog beds feature a dense foam core with an orthopedic memory foam topper. This memory foam topper moulds to the shape of the dog’s body, achieving greater comfort and support. An egg-crate memory design allows more movement & flexibility of the ArmourDillo’s ballistic cover for improved comfort.

This near-impregnable 1680 Denier ballistic material maximises the beds' resilience against scratching and chewing. The material is backed with a splashproof laminate, making the bed ideal for use outdoors or in kennels. The outer cover includes double-stitched re-enforced seams, further increasing the product's durability. The ballistic surface forms a protective shield around the entire bed, including the base. A hidden Velcro-fastened opening on the underside of the bed ensures quick and easy removal of the bed's foam core before washing. The Scruffs® ArmourDillo bed is available in two sizes.

The cover only is machine washable on a gentle 30-degree wash, using a mild detergent. Do not bleach or tumble dry.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
M. (Auckland, NZ)
Might last forever!

I purchased this bed a few years ago. I have a staffy x and they love to destroy things which I found out the hard way. After multiple dog beds, the human couch and the human sofa bed, I thought I'd just give up and let her sleep on the floor. I came across this bed and thought I'd give it one last try because I didn't want to be completely heartless as I'd often leave her at home while I'd go to work.
She had a home made kennel which was quite large so I lay the bed inside. Although the kennel had a roof, the bed was still exposed to sunshine and rain and the occasional bird poop. It was very much used, even the cat would occasionally lay on it when it was sunny.
After a while I forgot about the bed as I started to take my dog to work. The bed sat in the kennel outside for a few months. When I finally got it out, I took the cover off and washed it and it was good as new apart from a little colour fade from the sun and surface scratch marks but not deep enough to damage the tough fabric. It still holds it's shape and so far no rips or tears.
I've had 2 more dogs in the household since I've purchased it and still going strong. So take it from me, don't waste your money on bed after bed. Invest in this if you are sick and tired of coming home to a quiet dog and bedding fluff all over the house.

Charles, Auckland (Auckland, NZ)

Endorse 100%. We've owned the largest 6" bed for 17 months. Our large Rottweiler challenges all types of constructions and fabrics (and furniture and fences and hedges...) and only this has been able to withstand her. It's utterly brilliant. The high quality thick memory foam supports her 45 kgs very well and always returns almost instantly to shape unlike some other memory foams ( AVOID K&H / khpet like the plague!). She'll often scratch her bed furiously looking for the right spot to lay upon and it hasn't frayed or worn in any way at all.
The cover is hard to remove but the plus side is that it's a firm fit and stays in position.
Cover doesn't leech water or all the drool and blood as she gnaws ox femurs for days on end.
Minor sun bleaching.
It is expensive but worth every cent - your dog will have the best support, boosting their health, and you'll get your money's worth.

Fleur Kinsella (Wanaka, NZ)
Cover falling apart

Bought less than 6 months ago and only gets morning sun, but very faded and cover is falling apart. However, very high quality memory foam. Will recover as my dogs love it.

High Quality Product

Better than any other bed I have ever bought for my dogs but of course there is a price to pay for such quality and comfort. Ask me to review again in a year!

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