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KatAttack Interactive Cat Wand 50cm


The KatAttack Wands Interactive Cat Toy is perfect for engaging your pet in exciting playtime. Available in two lengths, 50cm and 95cm, each wand features a flexible plastic tube covered in black rubber for durability.

Experience the thrill of playing with the KatAttack Wand Toy and watch your cat leap into action! The feather attachment mimics the movement and sound of a bird soaring through the air. To play, sweep the feathered end around your living room or garden in erratic patterns, emulating a bird's flight. Your cat will be utterly captivated by its "prey," with its attention fixed on capturing it. You can engage with your cat using a cheerful voice and occasionally allow the feather to land or flutter close to them. They'll eagerly pounce at the chance to seize their target. When they do, let the feather "play dead," then make a sneaky escape when they release their grip. This game not only entertains but also tires out your cat. Pause the activity if your cat begins to pant, then resume to continue the fun until they are thoroughly worn out.

Additionally, you can use a few loose feathers to satisfy your cat's instinct to capture, kill, and chew. Could you go ahead and mix the play session with a high-protein treat to reproduce the natural hunt-catch-kill-eat sequence?

After the fun-filled playtime, it's crucial to store the wand safely out of reach. This not only maintains its allure but also ensures it lasts for future sessions, reflecting your commitment to your pet's playtime.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Gayle C (Whakatane, NZ)
Catch the birdie

Cats love this, leaping, jumping just like kittens again.

Ana (Lower Hutt, NZ)
What a toy!

We received this from ComfyPet as a present with our cat tree (thank you!).
We did not have a wand like this before, so were unsure of the buy-in from two rather fussy pusses. Both our pusses love it - which has not happened with any other toy.
It manages to get the more sedentary of the two pusses to move, even run a little bit - which is amazing in itself - and he even tried to jump (that came with a big thud on landing...).
The active puss loves this too. Whenever we are not using the wand, he sits next to the wand and looks at it and at us, until we pick it up and play with him again.
Given how vigorous they both are with the feathered end - I am surprised it has not yet been shredded to bits, and grateful that replacement feathered accessories are available (as, I am sure, eventually, they will conquer the feathers).

Sharon Grayson (Raglan, NZ)

Best cat toys ever

Yvonne Crockett (Auckland, NZ)
Very good buy

This is one toy my cat has really taken to. Great for getting an indoor cat to get some real exercise as well as entertainment for ages.

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