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Lift your cat's playtime to new heights with KatAttack Cat Furniture. Our finely crafted cat trees, scratchers, and climbers are designed to cater to your cat's primal instincts while adding a touch of sophistication to your home décor. Watch your cat joyfully leap, climb, and unwind on our robust and stylish cat furniture. Create the perfect play space for your beloved pet. Start shopping now and dive into new adventures with KatAttack Cat Furniture. For over 18 years, our products have been the top-selling cat scratchers in New Zealand. Owners of larger breeds like Maine Coons often struggle to find suitable options, yet they soon find that our stable, wobble-free cat trees are quickly embraced by their furry family members as they energetically explore and enjoy them.
KatAttack Chicago from $449.90 NZD

KatAttack New Yorker from $999.90 NZD

KatAttack Manhattan from $799.90 NZD

KatAttack Austin from $259.90 NZD

KatAttack Tunnel from $299.90 NZD

KatAttack Rangitoto from $369.90 NZD

KatAttack New Jersey from $599.90 NZD

KatAttack Paris from $509.90 NZD

KatAttack Dallas from $899.90 NZD

KatAttack Vegas $1,999.90 NZD

KatAttack Reno from $1,599.90 NZD